Living with Ms. Lucy

Ms. Lucy, is our classic 1988 Holiday Rambler Alumalite motorhome. She had been lovingly maintained by her original owners until approx, 2004, when the old gentleman who owned her fell ill and died. She sat neglected until 2008, when she was sold to the second owner. He parked her in a very shady spot, in a run down RV park along a busy highway, and never moved her again.) He did do a couple of cosmetic things to the interior, (he was a carpenter)  the best of which was to install a really beautiful hardwood oak floor.. The other “improvements were things that were to his own particular style,  like covering one interior wall with dark brown “pleather” – ugh. He sued a gummy spray on adhesive that coated the wall with sticky gunk which I am still trying to remove. – oh well – I’m sure he thought it was an improvement.

We rescued Ms. Lucy in May of 2012 and drove her approximately 7 miles down the road to a repair shop, where she had the oil changed and the Master cylinder and brake lines replaced! Bill had gone through her manuals, and the original owner had kept all of his repair receipts in the owners manual , so we could see exactly what  she had needed, and when and where she had been worked on. He saw that most of the work had been done very close to where she had been parked, so he made arrangements in advance to stop in there after we picked her up. Since the shop was the same one where most of her previous work had been done  (in her early years), the guys were very familiar with her, and her history. We were lucky that they were / are very nice, honest men who did a great job getting her ready to travel the 40+ miles to her new temporary home. We’ll be seeing them again  to get her transmission lines replaced before doing a little traveling.


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